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Influencer is denounced by the MG MP for religious intolerance when talking about the floods in RS

Businesswoman and influencer Michele Dias Abreu, 43 years old, was denounced by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) for inciting religious intolerance on her social networks after publishing, at the beginning of the month, a video talking about the rain catastrophe in Rio Grande do Sul.

“I don't know if you know, but the state of Rio Grande do Sul is one of the states with the largest number of macumba terreiros. Some prophets were already announcing something that was going to happen in Rio Grande do Sul, due to the wrath of God himself,” he said in a video. The publication reached three million views.

Since the beginning of the month, Rio Grande do Sul has been experiencing intense rains that have already left 155 people dead and more than 540,000 people homeless. Experts point to climate change as one of the main factors for the occurrence of extreme events like the one being faced by Rio Grande do Sul.

In the complaint, filed last Friday (17), prosecutor Ana Bárbara Canedo Oliveira stated that, in addition to committing the crime of religious intolerance, the influencer also induces thousands of other people to discriminate against religions of African origin with the publication.

If the conviction is accepted by the courts, the penalty can be two to five years in prison, in addition to a fine. In addition to the complaint, the MP asked, as a precautionary measure, that the businesswoman be prohibited from leaving the country without judicial authorization and from making new posts about religions of African origin or with false content related to the tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul.

A CNN try to contact the influencer.

(*Under the supervision of Carolina Figueiredo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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