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Influencers, TikTokers and Youtubers have turned the thousands of ordinary fans of EURO 2024 into compars

The thousands of fans who passionately watch the football matches of EURO 2024 have turned into… influencers’ comps, as they become “fountain” to the millions of followers, benefiting the pockets of Instagrammers, YouTubers and TikTokers who are filled with advertising revenue. As reported by Deutsche Welle, in the European Football Championship, which is being held these days in German stadiums with the cooperation of generous sponsors, the influencers are present. They celebrate in the Spanish national kit, proudly display the Three Lions shirt or paint their face in the national colors of Germany. typical are the posts of the well-known influencer Ivana Knoll, who follows the Croatian national team in major events: However, they face criticism from many fans, who claim that, while they themselves have paid for a ticket, they are being reduced to mere extras for advertising shoots. One of the most popular influencers is ViscaBarca, who has almost 1.9 million followers on YouTube. He uploads Vlogs every now and then. These are digital diaries in video format, which describe what is happening at EURO and give to friends […]
Source: News Beast

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