“Ingrid Guimarães crashed my party”, says Lázaro Ramos

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Year-end specials are common, but in the case of “Feliz Ano Novo… de Novo”, the idea was to do it differently. The Prime Video production opens this Friday (20) and features actors Lázaro Ramos and Ingrid Guimarães interacting with a live audience and presenting skits about the changes they expect for the next 365 days.

In one of them, Lázaro and Ingrid play a couple that is separating, but ends up changing their minds due to laziness in pursuing new relationships. In another sketch, the actors show the feelings of characters who move to Rio de Janeiro and deal with new people and the culture they came from – just like the characters, Lázaro is from Bahia and Ingrid is from Goiás.

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In an interview with CNN Brasil, the actors said they have known each other for a long time. According to Lázaro, the friendship began when Ingrid crashed his party.

“I was nothing!” Ingrid contested. “Here’s the thing: I had a lot of friends in common with Lázaro,” she explained. According to the actress, the two were very close friends with Luís Miranda, who kept saying that he was going to go out with ‘Lazinho’. Until, one day, at a party at Lázaro’s house, they talked. “I arrived at his house and said ‘Lázaro, we have to be friends, because we have so many friends in common”. Soon after, the two ended up hosting a show together.

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Today, together again on Prime Video, they had fun in the New Year’s special before the debut of the new projects that they will launch on the platform. Lázaro Ramos directed the film “An Unforgettable Year – Autumn”, and Ingrid Guimarães will present the reality show “Match nas Estrelas”.

Check out the full interview:

Source: CNN Brasil

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