Inside Alicudi, a dream for a few

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Nino in Alicudi he was born and raised; towards the age of twenty he sets out to discover the “continent”: first Rome, then London and Barcelona, ​​until he returns to his island where, like several of his peers, for now he works in one of the construction companies engaged in the maintenance of houses. In addition to this, he cultivates his passion for photography and the videomaking: the beautiful photos you see in this article are his (you can find others on his Instagram profile, Iducila).

Then there are the travelers “victims” of Alicudi’s magnetism, who stopped here and dedicated themselves to the hospitality sector. This is the case, for example, of Alessandra of the b & b Garden of the Carob trees and of Pier which is renovating some houses with the intention of recreating a Tonna micro-village.

Others, on the other hand, have found here the ideal setting to dedicate themselves to what makes their soul vibrate, like Elise who tells us: «I have traveled a long time in search of a place to stop and here I have found a little paradise for myself. For 20 years I worked in Paris in fashion; at Casa Tre Archi, which I rent partly to tourists, I now dedicate myself to various activities: I paint, illustrate, create jewels and ceramic objects. In Alicudi I found a lot of humanity and kindness, as well as a delightfully uncomfortable nature because in Alicudi feeling good is conquered ».

Paola, Liparota, opened his «Mouloud» weaving shop here in 2020 and explains to us «I am among those people who felt the need to regain possession of a different relationship with the place they live in. Alicudi for my work leaves a lot of space from the creative dimension: my choice was in gestation even before the pandemic and it materialized immediately after the first lockdown, in which we were forced to review our concept of limit, of border. My arrival on this island after that period was somehow redeeming ».

Paola by Bottega Moudmoud

A true school of sustainability

We hear about sustainability all the time now. But few are willing to do what it really takes to reverse the fate of the planet that hosts us: change our lifestyle. And Alicudi, in this regard, is a sensational school, especially if you choose to stay hundreds of steps from the sea. Yes, because if you have to carry your shopping by hand with great effort, you naturally become more inclined to buy what is strictly necessary and avoid waste. Similarly, if waste cannot be thrown around the house, you are much more attentive to its production. And if to buy a suit you necessarily have to take a hydrofoil, you realize more easily that what your wardrobe actually houses can last a very long time without continuous replacement. In short, in Alicudi you live with a light footprint, less comfortable and undoubtedly with less, but you soon realize that it takes very little to be serene.

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