Institutions and Transparency Committee: The marathon hearing on the follow-ups has ended

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The closed-door meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee has ended, in which, at the request of the parliamentary groups, persons who serve or have served in the National Intelligence Service or were involved in its operation were invited for a hearing.

The meeting of the Commission, in the presence of the Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis, started at 10 in the morning and ended at about 9 in the evening.

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The audition of the guests was done in two groups. In the first, the former governors of EYP participated: Panagiotis Kontoleon (2019-2022), Ioannis Roubatis (2015-2019), Theodoros Dravillas (2012-2015) and the former general secretary of the Prime Minister Grigoris Dimitriadis.

In the second group, the current commander of the EYP Themistocles Demiris, the EYP supervising prosecutor of the Athens Appeals Vasiliki Vlachou, the prosecutor of the Athens Appeals Konstantinos Tzavellas and the president of the Independent Privacy Assurance Authority Christos Rammos were heard together.

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Circles of the ND reported that the decision to have two separate procedures for the hearing of the witnesses in the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament, came after a proposal by the majority.

The rapporteur of SYRIZA George Katrougalos after the secret meeting was over, he said:

“As we predicted, the desperate attempt to cover up and wash away the personal political responsibilities of Mr. Mitsotakis also continued in the Institutions Committee.

While the government had previously announced that answers would be given to this body that exercises control over the EYP, under the guise of secrecy all government officials, former and current, who were present refused to give any clarification for reasons of national security, i.e., that led to the surveillance of Mr. Androulakis or for any other matter that was put to them.

This is despite the fact that the president of ADAE and the previous governors of the EYP during the Samara-Venizelou and SYRIZA governments clearly stated that they consider that confidentiality cannot be invoked for any question raised within the institutions committee and gave a categorical answer that during their days they did not Politicians were monitored, contrary to the evasions of the current EYP executives or those who exercise control over it.

For this reason, we asked for a vote in the institutions committee to clarify the exact interpretation of article 43 A which allows the control of the EYP and we stated, in fact with a statement by Mr. Voutsis, when the chairman of the Committee refused to put in voting on the issue, that we will proceed with a statement of denunciation of what we consider to be attempts to cancel and undermine the parliamentary process and especially the institutions committee in the context of the more general cover-up attempt”.

Source: AMPE

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