Intel chief unhappy with US helping TSMC

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The source highlighted a recent speech by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in which he questioned the wisdom of US aid to foreign companies.

“Foreign chipmakers competing for US subsidies will keep their valuable intellectual property on their shores, ensuring that the most profitable and advanced manufacturing remains there,” the source said.

Gelsinger’s discontent stemmed from Washington’s decision to subsidize a $ 12 billion chip factory that is being built in Arizona by TSMC, a technology competitor to Intel.

The US has seduced TSMC with the promise of generous support as part of its efforts to break its dependence on overseas supply of critical products. But Intel – the leading American chipmaker with factories in Arizona and plans to build new ones – couldn’t ignore the actual funding of foreign competitors from American taxpayers.

“We need to go beyond short-term concerns and seriously think about what US chip leadership really looks like,” Gelsinger wrote in an article published by Intel.

“The federal government needs to invest in American intellectual property and capabilities,” Gelsinger continued. “He should invest US taxpayer dollars in companies that are based here and hold their most important assets – including patents and people – domestically.”

He noted that the 5nm manufacturing technology that will be used at TSMC’s Arizona facility, while currently the most advanced, will not be the same in 2024 when the plant goes live.

Two weeks earlier, the US Senate passed a bill providing for the allocation of $ 52 billion to semiconductor enterprises in the form of subsidies.

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