Intel refuses Pentium and Celeron: they will be replaced by a new brand of processors

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Intel is refreshing its processor lineup, raising the bar significantly for entry-level chips. The company has announced a new offering that will replace the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron brands in its 2023 laptop processor lineup and become the standard for entry-level laptops.

We are talking about the Intel Processor brand, it will combine entry-level processors, which included Pentium and Celeron. The Intel Core line will remain the standard for mid-range and high-end products for both PCs and laptops. The new branding aims to “simplify the company’s offerings so that users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.”

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The Intel Processor will include multiple processor families, helping consumers simplify the buying process. However, the launch of the new brand will not affect the existing product line and the company’s long-term plans. Intel hasn’t provided any details about the upcoming processor yet, with more information to come over the next few weeks. The company also noted that special attention will be paid to its flagship brands: Intel Core, Intel Evo and Intel vPro.

Source: Trash Box

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