EtherPoW warns of fraudulent distributions of ETHW

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The EtherPoW Ethereum fork team has alerted the community to the proliferation of fake accounts and websites on social media posing as an official project.

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According to an EtherPoW (ETHW) statement, members of the crypto community may fall victim to a fraudulent social media campaign, where fake accounts and project websites are widely circulated.

In addition, several popular Twitter accounts have been hacked to fake ETHW airdrops and ETH/ETHW exchanges. The project team emphasized that the only official distribution of ETHW took place automatically and ended on September 16th. There are no additional distribution rounds scheduled.

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To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, EtherPoW recommends that crypto asset holders pay attention to social media account addresses, avoid “free” ETHW giveaways and the exchange of personal data or wallet data.

In early September, hackers hacked PwC Venezuela’s Twitter account, which has over 37,000 followers. The attackers posted a free XRP giveaway message containing phishing links.

Source: Bits

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