Intel revealed the characteristics of its video cards: the flagship has 16 GB of video memory

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There are more than enough rumors about discrete graphics cards from Intel – literally every day, insiders leak another important information, tests, or even photos. Yes, and Intel itself is also actively throwing up interesting data – literally the day before yesterday, during an interview, representatives of the “blue team” said that their flagship video card in video games is more powerful than the RTX 3060, which is pretty good, given that this is the first line of discrete graphics from Intel. But now there is no need to wait for insiders from suppliers of classified information – today, September 9, an Intel employee during a short interview presented the full characteristics of all the company’s video cards.

We are talking about video cards from the Intel Arc line with indices A770, A750 and A580. The company positions the junior video card A580 as an affordable solution, although in fact the characteristics of the model are more than worthy. This model works on the ACM-G10 graphics chip, which contains 24 Xe cores, 24 computing units for tracing the best and 384 XMX engines. At the same time, the video card has 8 GB of internal GDDR6 video memory with a bandwidth of 512 GB / s and a graphics core frequency of 1700 MHz. It is not entirely clear which NVIDIA graphics card this model will compete with, but we just need to wait for the tests – probably under the blow of the RTX 3050.

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The Arc A750 video card, as insiders reported, has absolutely the same ACM-G10 GPU, but slightly “pumped” – there are 28 Xe cores, ray tracing units are also 28, and the number of XMX engines has been raised to 448. The most interesting thing is that it uses the same 8 GB GDDR6 memory with the same bandwidth of 512 GB / s, only the frequency of the graphics core is raised to 2050 MHz. The flagship Arc A770, which is Intel’s best so far, has the same ACM-G10 chip, but with 32 Xe cores, 32 trace units for the best, and 512 XMX engines. The frequency of the graphics core here is raised to 2100 MHz.

It is important to clarify that the Arc A770 video card will have two video memory configuration options – the younger model will have 8 GB of video memory, while the top version will already have 16 GB. And although the manufacturer uses the same GDDR6 memory as in the previous two video cards, the bandwidth in this case reaches 560 GB / s. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide any real tests in video games, plus there is no information about the cost or the official start date for sales of these models. Most likely, Intel tried to release its new products before the release of NVIDIA, but there was too little time left. But before the New Year holidays, they will definitely appear on store shelves, so you just need to wait a bit.

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