Erdogan: Ankara could ask Moscow for fighter jets if Washington denies it F-16s

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THE Turkey could turn to other countriesamong which the Russiato obtain fighter jetsif the United States they will not give it F-16 fighters, the Turkish president said today Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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I hope the United States will not push us down other roads. What I mean by this is that the United States is not the only one in the world that sells fighter planes. England, France, Russia also sell. It is possible to get them everywhere” said the head of the Turkish state.

“There are already some who are sending us signals,” he added, referring to countries that are potential suppliers.

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Democratic US President Joe Biden has a positive approach to F-16s, but he has hinted that Republicans (the other major right-wing party in the US) are against it, Erdogan recalled, according to RES-EMP. “My foreign minister met with a representative of the Republicans in Bulgaria (…) who said they could support us,” he added, however.

Source: News Beast

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