Intel’s predictions come true: powerful processors for PCs and servers were introduced in China

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A few years ago, Intel representatives said that it was necessary to actively invest in technology development, as Chinese processor manufacturers were gradually catching up with the “blue company”. It turned out that the forecast of impressive competition from Chinese companies was correct – yesterday, November 1, the Chinese giant Zhaoxin officially introduced high-performance user and server processors, which will soon be sent for sale in the domestic market of China. These are chips developed according to our own technology and architecture, which are in no way associated with licenses from Western brands.

For example, for the needs of servers, a processor called Kaisheng KH-40000 was developed, which is produced using a 16-nanometer process. This model has a configuration for 12, 16 and 32 cores, if desired, a potential buyer as part of a server can use two processors on one motherboard due to the support of two sockets in one system. This results in a 64-core configuration based on the latest Yongfeng microarchitecture and running at a base clock speed of 2.0GHz. Moreover, the manufacturer stated that the maximum operating frequency of the processor is 2.7 GHz – very good for a server solution.

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In addition, the dual-socket server with a 64-core, dual-processor configuration supports up to 4TB of DDR4 ECC RAM, supports 128 PCIe lanes, and supports multiple I/O interfaces. At the same time, the server processor is compatible with the x86 instruction set, supports SM2, SM3 and SM4 acceleration instructions, even boasts virtualization technology, secure boot and various systems for protecting information from external influences. This is extremely important, since such processors will work in the future, including on government servers.

Specialists from China, who presented Kaisheng KH-40000, noted that the new solutions are suitable for cloud computing, big data analysis, video processing and data streaming, database backup, as well as research and more. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided not to show the results of testing these processors in benchmarks or real use cases, so it is not yet possible to compare these server solutions with Intel or AMD chips. And the prices, which is important, are also not presented – there is a possibility that these processors simply will not get into the open sale.

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Even during the presentation, Zhaoxin employees officially showed the Kaixian KX-6000G, a new generation 4-core processor that was designed specifically to work in laptops, all-in-ones, desktop PCs, cloud terminals and low-power embedded computing platforms. This processor operates at a frequency of 3.3 GHz, and its integrated graphics core supports DX12, OpenCL1.2, OpenGL 4.6 and is even capable of displaying a picture on a 4K display. This processor can probably get into the public domain, but so far, the manufacturer, again, has not named the prices or the exact date of sales.

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