Christina Applegate Shocks About Multiple Sclerosis: Gained 18 Pounds – Can’t Walk Without A Cane

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THE Christina Applegate talks about her determination to finish the final season of “Dead To Me” amid her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The 50-year-old actress – who announced that she was suffering from this disease in August 2021 – referred to the difficulties she faced during the filming of the final season of the Netflix series.

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THE actor spoke to the New York Times for an article published Tuesday ahead of the premiere of her series’ third and final season on Netflix within the month. Applegate spoke openly about her reaction to learning she had the disease in the summer of 2021 during filming. At the time, production was shut down for about five months as he began treatment for the autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

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“It is the first time that someone he will see me as I am. I gained 18 kilos– I can’t walk without a cane. I want people to know that I have fully aware of all this“, said the American actress in an interview with the “New York Times” and broadcasts it CNN.

The actress said about filming the last season: “I had an obligation. The officials said: “Let’s stop. We don’t have to finish it. Let’s put some episodes together with already recorded material”. I said, “No. We will do it, but will twe do it with my friendss””.

I’m never going to accept that

The actress, showing great strength of soul, said about her disease ther: “I’m never going to accept that. I’m pissed.” However, it turned out that the break worked positively: “I had to process the loss of my life, the loss of this part of myself. I needed this time. Although I cannot say: “Yuhu, I’m fine“” write down.

The Los Angeles-born actress also revealed that looking back on time there were some signs of the illness, such as losing her balance in a dance scene during the show’s first season. “I wish I had given caution. But who was I to know?” he said.

He returned to filming in a wheelchair

THE Applegate he said that as soon as he came back, he was needed wheelchair to reach the set due to her reduced mobility and that a sound technician had to hold her legs to take certain shots.

Then talking about the difficulties he faced said that footage of her entering a room could not be filmed because he needed help and that he was leaning on doors so that he could stay upright. The actress also said that she is not sure if she will be in the final season as it is very painful.

Source: News Beast

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