Interior Design for Dogs: Market for Pet Buildings Explodes

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Pet moms and dads: who never bought something to pamper their “four-legged child”?

Pet owners and their endless love for their little animals are being responsible for the boom of a market that has been constantly increasing after the period of the Covid-19 pandemic: that of buildings that make your dog as comfortable as possible.

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One of the examples of the growth of this market for pets is in a carpenter from Nashville, capital of Tennessee, in the United States.

Derek Walker had never built a pet house before, but that changed after a somewhat unexpected request from a client.

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kelly ladwiga realtor in the city, asked him to build a room for his three cats and two dogs inside the house.

The environment should have a small balcony for the animals to sunbathe and match the architectural style of the residence.

The unexpected project proposed to Walker was easily accepted after finding out how much he would earn: about US$ 12,000 (the equivalent of R$ 61,800 in the current dollar exchange rate), an amount that he did not receive often.

In addition to the room for the pets, ladwig installed other features to make pets very comfortable, including a dog shower, built-in litter boxes in the laundry room, and a water dispenser in the kitchen.

growing market

For years, the pet market has been growing in the United States, but the pandemic period favored even more exponential growth in the niche.

According to a survey done by the American Pet Products Association in June 2021, 35% of North Americans spent more on pet products, such as food and wellness, than in the previous 12 months.

pampering the pets

For some pet owners, pet-oriented design is an attempt to make the home more functional while pampering the pups at the same time.

Mel Bean, an interior designer from Oklahoma, remembers designing a small house built into the wall of the master bedroom for a client’s two dogs.

The project was in 2013, but since the pandemic, designing small buildings for dogs has become standard for Bean’s company. “I don’t know if I’ve had a single new build that doesn’t have a dog area like this.”

Currently, Mel Bean works on a project for a family with two bulldogs.

Clients asked Bean to design a kennel-like structure in the master bedroom.

In this environment, it should also have a door that opens from the outside and leads directly to an exclusive shower for the dogs and a fridge with food for the bulldogs.

In addition, the area should include a dishwasher for cleaning the animals’ bowls.

Now, tell us: who didn’t feel like building a little house just to spoil their pet?

Source: CNN Brasil

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