“Invisible” keys and 65% of the full keyboard. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini review

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Mechanical keyboards are usually divided into full-size and slightly more compact TKL without a digital block. However, Razer has come up with an even smaller Mini format, taking up 60% (61 keys) or 65% (67 keys) of the area of ​​a full-size model. Amusing? On my review Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini with 67 keys!

Appearance and convenience

The mini-keyboard is really noticeably smaller, including TKL, and this is provided that the size of the keys is preserved. The result was achieved by eliminating the entire function block and some other keys, as well as a denser placement of the arrows. As a result, the result is a continuous canvas of 67 keys with minimal bezels without much loss in functionality.

Our heroine vs. Razer Huntsman V2 TKL
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The exterior is fully consistent with the BlackWidow V3 series. The bezel is made of metal, the characteristic element is the glowing logo on the beveled front end. For obvious reasons, it did without any additional buttons and decorative elements.

Significant Razer signatures have been retained. First of all, two-stage legs that raise the body by 6 or 9 degrees. Slipping on the table is excluded due to the rubberized legs. The back and ends are made of hard plastic in the form of a bath.

Phantom engraved caps

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I got a special version of the BlackWidow V3 Mini Phantom Edition with unusual caps without visible engraving. To see the letters, you need to turn on the backlight. It looks impressive and extremely unusual, especially when combined with a minimalistic environment. The downside of beauty is the impossibility of applying the Cyrillic alphabet, the keyboard is suitable only for experts in the layout.

Another feature of phantom keycaps in translucent plastic along the skirt.

Switches and performance

As noted above, miniaturization made it necessary to eliminate some of the keys. In particular, the tilde or “Ё” in the Russian layout has been moved to the combination of Esc with Fn. As an amateur using Yo, I have some difficulties: every now and then I poke Esc from memory. It is even more difficult when you need a capital letter – you have to press three keys at the same time. The size and distance between the rest of the letters are not affected. Other changes affected the arrows and the Home-End block. If we omit the above nuance, the usability is not affected.

I had no problems with the lack of Cyrillic – the standard arrangement of the keys allows you to type texts from memory. In any case, I recommend the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini with phantom caps only to those who know the layout well, or use the computer more for games.

The trademark with highlighting hot combinations when pressing Fn is saved. In this case, there are really a lot of them, the secondary actions are applied to the end of the cap with ordinary non-luminous paint. When Caps Lock or Game Mode is activated, the corresponding keys turn white, regardless of the selected effect.

Behind the caps are classic Razer mechanical switches. There are two options: linear ones with yellow flags and sound dampers, or tactile ones with green ones. I got the second option.

The required force is 50 grams, and the actuation occurs at a distance of 1.9 millimeters immediately after the characteristic click. For quick repeated pressing, it is not necessary to return the key to its original position, repeated operation is possible at a short distance without clicking. Full stroke is standard 4 mm. The switches give good feedback and are fully adapted for gaming or typing. Since a ringing click can annoy others, I advise you to buy a keyboard with tactile switches for working in a separate room.

The switch design is inherited from Cherry. A single LED illuminates only the upper part – it is for this reason that the Cyrillic alphabet cannot be placed on the phantom caps. The design of the stabilizers in the long keys is also inherited – the metal rods are hidden behind the front panel.

Connection and autonomy

Despite its gaming essence, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini is a wireless keyboard with HyperSpeed ​​USB Transmitter or Bluetooth connectivity. In the second case, you can switch between the three devices with Fn + Alt combinations with numbers from 1 to 3. The utility in both cases supports all the functionality, so the interfaces can be considered equivalent. The only thing the company does not disclose is the polling rate of wireless protocols.

To this day, Razer uses an awkward receiver compartment. Its lid is not fixed in any way in the open position and can be lost. However, the transmitter itself is quite advanced and supports the addition of a mouse so as not to take up two USB ports. Three models currently have this capability: DeathAdder V2 Pro, Naga Pro and Orochi V2.

The battery life reaches 200 hours, and it takes 5 hours to fully charge from a PC. When using an adapter for a smartphone, the process takes several times less time. There is no need to interrupt the game while replenishing energy, wireless protocols continue to work after connecting USB-C. The set includes a 2-meter cable in a fabric braid with a reusable rubber tie. The plug connects to USB-C on the keyboard case without any guides.

Razer Synapse Utility

The keyboard page contains three tabs. On the first one, any keys are reassigned, except for Windows and Fn. HyperShift combinations for doubling the number of actions performed work through Fn. All settings are saved in the keyboard memory, designed for four profiles excluding the standard one. They can be assigned to launch applications.

The glow is fully controlled through the Razer Synapse utility, a full set of effects is available, the brightness is adjustable in 1% steps. To save power, the backlight can be dimmed and then completely turned off by timeout or along with the computer screen.

The backlight is not limited to preset effects. In the Razer Chroma, you can customize each LED separately. In the video, the interface is disassembled using the example of our heroine’s older sister – BlackWidow V3 Pro.

Razer Customization Kit

To add variety to the established mechanical keyboard design, Razer has created a line of color-coded keycaps and fancy cables. In my hands was a complete set, which also includes palm rests.

On my BlackWidow V3 Mini cool phantom caps are already installed out of the box, changing them to colored ones, but I don’t see any point in the standard ones. I decided to highlight the WASD group and put exactly the same white keycaps in their place. You can combine the sets in different ways, everything is limited by imagination.

Rearranging several caps is no problem, tweezers are included with each set. Replacing all the keys will require perseverance and patience – not a quick process. You need to be especially careful with the long keys with side stabilizers.

The missing piece for the BlackWidow V3 Mini is the palm rest. And in the set of customization there is a seemingly suitable option for mini-keyboards.

But in practice, the soft panel does not match a little in width. This is not a mistake, the stop is intended for even smaller Mini 60% models. The difference does not affect functionality in any way, only the visual suffers.

Recall after two weeks of use

Experience of use BlackWidow V3 Mini Is, first of all, familiarity with the format of mechanical mini-keyboards. The experience is pleasant and is a good compromise for small desktops. Miniaturization did not affect the gaming experience in any way, and when working with text, you should only take into account the “E” combined with Esc. As for the rest, the letter layout has not been abolished in any way in relation to full-size and TKL keyboards.

All the disadvantages of the BlackWidow V3 Mini are related to the mechanical switch design with a single LED at the top. Because of this, there is no Cyrillic alphabet at all on the phantom caps, and standard characters will be painted with ordinary paint.


  • equally good work via USB-transmitter and via Bluetooth;
  • the receiver supports pairing with a mouse;
  • possibility of wired connection via USB-C;
  • unusual mini-format that saves table space;
  • phantom caps are out of the box;
  • two-stage height adjustment.


  • there is no Cyrillic on the phantom caps;
  • the palm rest in the customization kit is sized for the Mini 60%.

May not like:

  • the letter “Ё” is combined with Esc.
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