‘Involvement’ with a meeting of KINAL on Sunday in the parliament – Strong reaction of N. Androulaki

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Nikos Androulakis sought to convene a meeting of the KINAL Central Committee on Sunday at 12 noon in Parliament.

Through this method, as Nikos Androulakis planned to deliver a speech to the deputies of his Parliamentary Group, the president of KINAL found a way to be in the “frame” of the gladiators K. Mitsotakis- A. Tsipras, on the day of their speeches in the debate on of the motion of censure of SYRIZA.

Involvement due to K. Tassoula was announced by M. Katrinis

However, there was an involvement for which the head of the KINAL Central Committee, Michalis Katrinis, informed in his intervention in the Plenary Session, even attacking the Speaker of Parliament because he refused to concede it.

Mr. Tassoulas replied that this issue must be resolved at the Conference of Presidents as a whole and that the possibility of a party’s Central Committee meeting in a House of Representatives in parallel with top plenary sessions should not be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Mr. Katrinis, for his part, called on the parties to take a stand on KINAL’s request.

Attack by N. Androulaki and KINAL

The attitude of the Speaker of Parliament was denounced by the President of KINAL, in a post via Facebook, which was also issued by the party as an announcement:

Mr. Androulakis specifically stated:

With an institutionally unacceptable and anti-democratic decision, the Speaker of Parliament forbids the Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Change – PASOK to meet in Parliament on Sunday, January 30, 2022. He never again refused the Speaker of Parliament in a parliamentary group to meet in Parliament!
Seven hours after the request was approved, Mr. Tassoulas decided that he could, suddenly and without reason, refuse to allow the third parliamentary party in the country to meet freely. And he did, confessing that his choice is not based on any relevant prohibition provision of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament! Just twenty-four hours after the scheduled meeting of the K.O. of SYRIZA in the Senate Hall.
In this unprecedented method, with clear political implications, we call on all parliamentary parties to take a stand.

K. Tassoulas: The issue is referred to the conference of presidents

The Speaker of the Parliament, K. Tassoulas, replied that Mr. Androulakis asked for the convening of the party’s Central Committee, at the same time that the speeches of the party leaders begin, during the process of discussing the motion of censure.

In the case that a room was provided for a meeting of the SYRIZA Central Committee, it started before the start of the legislative process in the plenary session of the Parliament, said Mr. Tasoulas. I consider that the simultaneous procedure is – if nothing else – problematic, due to the gravity of the process (discussion of a motion of censure) and this practice must be resolved at the conference of presidents, said the Speaker of Parliament, noting that a top parliamentary procedure must be preserved. such as discussing the motion of censure.

Source From: Capital

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