IOBE: De-escalation of unemployment in October, slight decline of the economic climate in December

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De-escalation of unemployment in October and slight decline of the economic climate in December, show the economic data examined in IOBE’s monthly bulletin for January.

As he points out, in December there was a slight decline in the economic climate and a weakening of consumer confidence.

There is also talk of a marginal decline in business expectations in the industry, to 109.1 points in December, from 110.2 points in November.

In November, industrial production fell by 1.2% compared to October, while on an annual basis in Greece it increased by 8% compared to a marginal increase of 0.3% in the European Union.

There was a significant increase in industrial exports, by 11.8% in October on an annual basis, and an increase in the trade deficit to 2.9 billion euros, from 1.7 billion euros a year earlier.

The financial bulletin of IOBE underlines the new increase in electricity costs in November, by 16.1% compared to the previous month, as well as the strengthening of the export volume of industry by 4.9% in October 2021 compared to one year before.

In the eight months of 2021 there was an increase of 6.6% compared to the corresponding period of 2020.

At product level, the highest increase in the volume of exports of Organic Chemicals (28.3%) and Chemical Minerals (26.3%) is underlined.

Significant increase for leading industrial products, in Iron and Steel (12.4%), Plastics in primary forms (10%), as well as Aluminum, 9.8%.


Source From: Capital

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