IPC-S drops 0.10% in the 1st quadrissemana of September, after falling 0.57% in August

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The Consumer Price Index – Weekly (IPC-S) dropped 0.10% in the first four weeks of September, after falling 0.57% at the end of August.

The information was released this Thursday (8) by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). The indicator accumulates a high of 5.01% in 12 months, lower than the advance of 6.62% in the period up to August.

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Four of the eight categories of expenses that make up the indicator registered an increase in inflation between the last four weeks of August and the first of September, two others had relief from deflation in the period.

The highlight of the first four weeks of September was the Education, Reading and Recreation group (0.46% to 3.39%), influenced by airfare (2.07% to 18.37%).

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Transport (-3.56% to -2.86%), Housing (-0.09% to 0.05%), Clothing (0.53% to 0.67%), Health and Personal Care (0.77 % to 0.85%) and Communication (-1.03% to -0.84%) also registered an increase in their rates of change.

In these classes, the items with the greatest weight were gasoline (-11.62% to -10.03%), residential electricity tariff (-2.33% to -1.74%), women’s clothing (1.18% to 1.36%), medicines in general (0.11% to 0.23%) and mobile phone tariff (-2.26% to -1.63%), respectively.

On the other hand, Food (0.07% to -0.04%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.36% to 0.26%) showed a decrease in their rates of change, influenced by dairy products (2.64% to 0. 10%) and cigarettes (2.45% to 1.66%).

individual influences

Health plan and insurance showed stability (1.16%), but even so, along with airfare (2.07% to 18.37%) and residential rent (0.72% to 1.09%) were the items which exerted the most upward pressure on the IPC-S in the first four weeks of September. Perfume (1.44% to 1.85%) and soap (3.46% to 4.65%) complete the list.

On the other hand, gasoline (-11.62% to -10.03%), residential electricity tariff (-2.33% to -1.74%) and ethanol (-8.95% to -8 .97%), followed by long-life milk (1.71% to -3.07%) and sweet potato (-13.38% to -12.73%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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