The ’10th Commandment’-Like Storyline – She Planned To Murder Her Girlfriend To Steal Her Baby

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An incredible horror story that looks like something straight out of a movie, he claimed to have lived through one pregnant with video uploaded to TikTokas he mentioned that the news friend her, he actually wanted her murder and steal her baby.

According to nypost.comthe Angelique Robledo, now 29 years old reported that at the age of 18 she also became pregnant through mutual acquaintances met peer Kassandra Torugawhere she mentioned that she was also pregnant in the same month.

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They immediately started talking, until now they first went out in a children’s store, with Angelique buying things for the baby shower she was planning. Since then, the two women they did not meet for two weeksuntil Kassandra went to her friend’s housewhile the second’s partner was away at work.

Kassandra Toruga
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But when she went to call an ambulance, Kassandra wouldn’t let her go and said she was just relieving herself. But the 29-year-old didn’t believe her and started searching the house, until she saw that a candle she had left lit had gone out. Looking for why the candle blew itself outsince all the windows were closed, he saw that the clothes in the closet were engulfed in flamess.

He immediately took the 18-year-old and went out of the house, while he notified the Police and her parents. So when they all arrived, she, feeling that something was wrong with her new friend, decided to open the bag and saw a gruesome sight.

Specifically, the bag contained two large kitchen knives, a pair of scissors and a diaper. Authorities immediately arrested Kassandra Toruga, who she confessed that she had never been pregnant and how had a goal to murder Angelique Robledo to steal her baby.

Source: News Beast

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