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IPC-S remains stable in the 3rd week of September after changing 0.09% in the previous one

The Consumer Price Index – Weekly (IPC-S) had zero change in the third quadrissemana of September, after rising 0.09% in the second reading of the month.

The information was released by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) this Friday, 23.

The indicator accumulates a high of 5.11% in 12 months, lower than the advance of 5.21% in the period until the second measurement.

Of the eight categories of expenses that make up the indicator, six registered a decrease in their rates of change between the third and second four weeks of the month, with emphasis on Education, Reading and Recreation (5.48% to 4.94%).

The item with the greatest influence on the group was airfare (30.04% to 26.94%).

Transport (-2.79% to -2.92%), Food (-0.21% to -0.28%), Health and Personal Care (0.76% to 0.66%), Miscellaneous Expenses (0 .14% to 0.07%) and Clothing (0.52% to 0.42%) were the other groups to show a decrease in the period.

In these classes, the items with the highest weight were ethanol (-10.15% to -12.45%), dairy products (-2.47% to -3.94%), hygiene and personal care items (1.47% to 1.01%), cigarettes (1.19% to 0.79%) and women’s clothing (0.94% to 0.28%), respectively.

On the other hand, Communication (-0.66% to -0.46%) and Housing (0.16% to 0.23%) advanced compared to the second four-week period, driven by residential telephone tariffs (-3.10% to -1.69%) and residential electricity tariff (-1.21% to -0.72%).

individual influences

Airfare (30.04% to 26.94%), residential rent (1.32% to 1.46%), health plan and insurance (1.16% to 1.15%) were the items that most pressured up the IPC-S for the third quarter of September.

Onion (9.50% to 11.85%) and soap (5.02% to 4.96%) complete the list.

In the other direction, gasoline – repeated the negative rate of 9.61% -, long-life milk (-8.29% to -11.52%) and ethanol (-10.15% to -12.45%) were the items that pulled the indicator down the most, followed by residential electricity tariff (-1.21% to -0.72%) and soybean oil (-5.57% to -5.81%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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