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iPhone 14 not buying? Apple shuts down smartphone production in China

The other day, several sources reported that Foxconn, which started mass production of the iPhone 14 in August this year, has already begun to retool the production line due to a lack of orders. Apple’s largest partner reorganized five workshops in China and transferred its workers to other places. This news has already caused a heated discussion on the Internet, and some users began to ridicule the poor sales of the iPhone 14. Apparently, the predicted sales of this smartphone model did not materialize.

According to the China Securities Journal, the production line will be retooled for the production of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which will not have a big impact on the production of new smartphones and will not change Foxconn’s previous agreements with Apple. Recall that Foxconn accounts for about 70% of the production of the iPhone 14 series.

From the current market situation, it is clear that the iPhone 14 Pro model is more popular than the basic version, but at the start of sales, resellers greatly overestimate prices for it. As for the iPhone 14, there is no big hype for this model, since there are very few changes compared to last year’s iPhones. Apple is also moving production from China to India, as it is cheaper to assemble iPhones there.

Source: Trash Box

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