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Oktoberfest: Waitress raised a “pyramid” for the beer festival

Oktoberfest is the biggest celebration of beer in the world. At Germany festival has started since September 17 and will end on October 3, after a two-year absence due to coronavirus, the famous.

The waitershowever, working on it Oktoberfest they are able to cope with even the most difficult demands of beer fans. According to those in the know, to enjoy the drink better, it should be served in a large and cold glass. A waiter not only does he know how to serve customers but he does it by stacking glasses full of beer in a… pyramid. In fact, as you will see in the TikTok video, the woman walks relatively quickly and comfortably… without a drop…

The last time Oktoberfest was organized, in 2019, more than 6.3 million visitors they consumed more than 7.3 million liters of German beer with turnover estimated at approx 1.2 billion euros.

Source: News Beast

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