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iPhone 5G, HomePod Mini, AirPods Studio: what we expect from Apple’s keynote

It has been many years since a new iPhone aroused such expectations in the financial markets. Tuesday evening, Apple must present all the latest versions of its flagship smartphone: the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With the health crisis and the delay in mass production that resulted from it, Apple was unable to lift the veil on its latest models during its traditional September keynote – depriving the 2020 edition of its star product – and did wait for iPhone aficionados until Tuesday’s conference, which will once again be 100% virtual.

In recent years, iPhone presentations had not thrilled Wall Street, the models bringing too few technological innovations. But for the first time, on Tuesday, iPhones will be compatible with 5G, while the antennas of telecom operators are flourishing and starting to broadcast all over the world. Enough to brighten up the financial markets.

Low rate of re-equipment for iPhone users

“We expect this fall’s launch to be the most significant iPhone-related event in recent years,” said Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley) in an analyst note where she believes Apple should. be able to sell 220 million units of its iPhone range during its fiscal year 2021 [Apple closes its annual accounts in late September, Editor’s note]. That is an increase of more than 22% compared to the current year, according to calculations by the American bank.

An optimism shared for several months by many analysts who believe that these new iPhones should allow Apple to trigger a “super cycle” of sales of its cash cow product which has lost its luster a little recently – in 2019, the iPhone had accounted for 54% of Apple’s revenue, up from 62% a year earlier.

The reason ? The low rate of re-equipment of iPhone users in recent years, which suggests that a number of them expected a real technological contribution for this. The 5G compatibility of the iPhone 12 range would therefore come at the right time. The Bernstein firm estimates that nearly 180 million iPhone owners will replace their model in the next twelve months.

Towards a new keynote in November

As usual, Apple has not been in the lead in terms of technological advancement; other rivals ( Samsung , Huawei and even Google ) entered the 5G smartphone market before him. A slight delay which the Californian company has historically never suffered, commercially, when launching a new product.

Moreover, at Apple, the “hardware” festivities would not be over yet at the end of the year since a third consecutive keynote should take place in November. On the menu, this time, the presentation of the first Mac equipped with in-house processors, the “Apple Silicon”.

In the meantime, a new HomePod Mini should also be unveiled during Tuesday night’s keynote where an unknown remains: the launch or not of the AirPods Studio, the expected first wireless headphones designed by Apple [which also owns the Beats brand, Editor’s note]. A keynote from the Cupertino group without surprise – or, at least, without uncertainty – would not be a real keynote.

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