IPVA: see what can happen in case of delay or default

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Brazilian drivers have at least one obligation each year: to pay the Tax on Motor Vehicle Ownership (IPVA).

In 2022, those who live in São Paulo have the option of paying in cash with 9% discount in January – an amount equivalent to triple the discount offered in 2021, of 3%.

As of this Wednesday (19), only owners of vehicles with the end of plate 8, 9 or 0 continue with this payment option.

In the case of São Paulo, in addition to the cash debt, the government also makes it possible to pay the tax in up to five installments.

Despite being a known and recurring tax, some people may end up forgetting the tax due date or deliberately delaying payment.

THE CNN Brasil Business made a list of necessary information to help tax payers understand the consequences of actions from time to IPVA discharge.

The rules apply to drivers domiciled in the state of São Paulo. It is worth mentioning that the tax is levied by the state where the driver lives and the vehicle is licensed. If the owner of the vehicle has several domiciles, the address declared on the income tax return applies.

overdue IPVA

For those who do not pay the IPVA according to the calendar, a daily fine of 0.33% will be charged, up to a limit of 20% of the tax amount.

In addition, interest equivalent to the Selic rate, of at least 1% per month, will be levied on the value of the tax plus the fine.

If the payment is in arrears, the state government system will automatically update the amount of the debt to be paid.


The beginning of the year is a very busy period, with several obligations, which can eventually make the citizen forget to pay the IPVA.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the Expiration Notice (information on debts and due dates) has not been sent since 2018.

Check the salary schedule for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and the like below:

Check the salary schedule for trucks and tractor-trucks below:

What if I don’t pay the tax?

The taxpayer can drive his car with the IPVA delayed only until the vehicle’s licensing date. After this period, it can have consequences.

“If you don’t pay the tax, you won’t be able to carry out the next licensing, and from there the car can be seized, in addition to having its name registered in the State’s Active Debt”, explained Natalia Rabinovitch, partner and portfolio manager at Sonata Gestão de Patrimônio .

After having the name registered in the Active Debt of the State of São Paulo, the moratorium fine increases from 20% to 40%, according to the State Finance and Planning Department.

Citizens must consult their name on the website of the Attorney General of the State of São Paulo.

2021 IPVA debt

If the citizen has debts related to last year’s IPVA, Natalia Rabinovitch explains that he must enter the website of the State Treasury Department to generate the “Guide for Collection”.


People with physical, sensory, intellectual, mental and autism spectrum disabilities are entitled to exemption from IPVA.

Exemption from the tax may be granted for a single vehicle owned by a person who meets these criteria. For it to occur, the citizen will need to undergo a biopsychosocial assessment.

The request for exemption from IPVA for people with disabilities can be made over the internet, through the Vehicle System – SIVEI.

The IPVA exemption is granted for a single vehicle owned by the person entitled to the benefit.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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