The Taliban are calling for international recognition of their government, mainly from Muslim countries

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Acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan Mullah Mohammad Hassan Ahud today called on international governments to formally recognize the Taliban government, saying in an interview in Kabul that it met the conditions.

“I urge all governments, especially in Islamic countries, to begin the process of recognition,” Ahud said in his first major public appearance since taking office in September, following a “severe economic crisis” in Afghanistan. .

“I call on Muslim countries to take the initiative and officially recognize us. I hope that in the future we will be able to grow rapidly,” he added.

International forces are reluctant to recognize the Taliban government that seized power in Afghanistan in August following the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. Since then, Western countries have frozen the resources of Afghan banks and suspended development aid to the country, which was the backbone of the Afghan economy.

Ahud and other Taliban officials called on UN officials to ease restrictions on entry into the country during a press conference, saying the growing economic crisis in Afghanistan was due to the ice.

“Short-term assistance is not the answer, we have to find a way to solve the problem,” he said.

Source: AMPE

Source From: Capital

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