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Iran, Armita Geravand is dead: she was in a coma after being attacked by the morality police

Armita Geravand she’s dead. The 16-year-old student fell into a coma on October 1 as soon as she arrived at hospital in Tehran. In those hours, a video was released, shot inside the subway of the Iranian capital, where she was seen Armita carried out of the subway, already unconscious and lying on the ground. The dynamics of what happened to her has not yet been clarified.

According to Iranian media reports, that morning Armita, who went out to school like every day, entered the subway without wearing a headscarf and there she had a clash with the moral police, returned to check on women on the streets since last summer. The agents have the task of verifying that «morality is respected, as it is understood by the laws of the ayatollahs. In particular, that women “correctly” wear the veil, which has been mandatory in Iran since 1979.

The country immediately maintained strong secrecy regarding the health conditions of Armita Geravand, to contain the outbreak of new protests. Just as it happened in September a year ago after the death of Mahsa Jina Aminiwhich after having been arrested because she did not wear the veil “properly”, she died from the beatings she received. Her face became the face of all the women (and men too) who, from Iran and outside Iran, took sides against the regime. And that’s what will happen (and is already happening) for Armita. As had already happened with Mahsa Jina Amini’s family, Armita’s parents were also kept away from the hospital and her mother was arrested, as confirmed by the human rights NGO Hengawafter protesting in front of the hospital.

An independent investigation was requested by the United Nations fact-finding mission on Iran into what happened to Armita Geravand on October 1st.

Source: Vanity Fair

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