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Iran: Revolutionary Guards locate and seize a ship carrying illegal fuel in the Gulf

The Guards of the Revolution they located and seized one ship who illegally transported fuel to Gulf and captured four of its crew, Iranian media reported today.

That ship was carrying more than 50,000 liters of contraband fuel, according to Fars news agency, citing Moztaba Ghahramani, the chief judge of Hormozgan province.

It has not yet been clarified who the ship belonged to, nor when this operation took place.

In recent weeks the US military has stepped up its presence in the Gulf, claiming that the Iran would attempt to seize ships in this strategically important sea lane.

On July 6, the Revolutionary Guards seized another merchant ship, a day after Washington said they attempted to do the same off Oman. Tehran responded at the time that that ship was carrying “more than 1 million liters of contraband fuel”.

Source: News Beast

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