Iran: Tehran ready to discuss 2015 nuclear deal

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Its president Iran Ebrahim Raisi said today that Iran is ready for talks with the major powers on nuclear agreement 2015, but not under “pressure” from the West, adding that Tehran is seeking negotiations that will lead to the lifting of sanctions.

France and Germany have called on Iran to resume talks following a halt to the Iranian presidential election in June, and Paris has called for an immediate resumption of talks as concerns mount over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Last month, France, Britain and Germany expressed concern over information from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran had produced 20 percent enriched uranium and increased enriched uranium production by 60 percent.

Iran insists its nuclear program has no military purpose, has notified the IAEA of its activities, and that its withdrawal from the 2015 deal would be overturned if the United States returns to the deal and lifts sanctions on Tehran.

“Westerners and Americans are looking for pressure talks… What kind of talks are these? “I have already announced that we will have talks on our government agenda, but not under pressure,” the Iranian president told state television.

“The talks are on the agenda ουμε We are seeking negotiations with a specific goal… to lift the sanctions imposed on the Iranian people… so that their lives can prosper,” he said.

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