Iran: We will respond “accordingly” to Ukraine

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Iran has expressed regret at Ukraine’s decision to downgrade diplomatic relations because it says Tehran is supplying Russia with drones. At the same time, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that Tehran will react “proportionately” and that Kyiv should not be “influenced by third parties that seek to destroy the relations between our two countries.”

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Ukraine said on Friday it would revoke Iran’s ambassador’s credentials over Tehran’s provision of military drones to Russian forces, an action Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called “collaboration with evil.”

Kanaani said Kiev’s decision “was based on unconfirmed information and was the result of media exaggeration by third parties.” He did not directly refer to the drones. Iran denies supplying Russia with these weapons systems, but today the hard-line Kayhan newspaper reported that “hundreds of armed” drones have been sold.

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The Ukrainian military claims to have shot down at least seven Iranian-made drones, including six Shahed-136s, near the ports of Odessa and Pivdeni. One was a Mohajer-6 type, a larger unmanned aerial vehicle first spotted in Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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