Is it time to normalize breast hair?

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Today again, the hair that grows on the breast area, usually around the nipple, are considered a taboo. Never mentioned, never shown, never mentioned even in hair removal advertising: pretending they don’t exist is the rule. Still, it is a very common type of hair. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of, even if many women would argue otherwise, even feeling wrong and not very feminine because of “those” hairs. The issue was raised in a recent article from Allure magazine, which pointed out how pubic hair, leg hair, armpit hair in turn has entered commercials and the spotlight, generally becoming a topic of discussion and free choice. whether to remove them or not.

Which didn’t happen with those around the nipple. That’s why today we want to make them the protagonists of our piece: let’s let the dermatologist tell us about them.

As Dr. Anna Trink, specialist in dermatology and venereology of the Giuliani HMAP Laboratory explains, “The presence of some hairs at the level of the areola, the highly pigmented circular area surrounding the nipple, is physiological and very common in women. The growth of hair in generally male areas, such as the pectoral region, it is regulated by androgen hormones, masculine par excellence, but also present in a small part in us women. When the secretion of these hormones increases, there may be an increase in hair even in female areas that usually lack it. If you want to remove hair at the level of the areola and the surrounding area of ​​the breast, do not forget that these are super delicate skin areas, so better to avoid razor (it could create small lesions, given the very uneven surface of the nipple), but I also advise against the use of depilatory cream (which could be irritating and sensitize the treated area). If the hairs are few it’s just fine to use tweezers, while if there were more, it is possible to use lasers or pulsed light, as long as the epilating treatments are performed by qualified medical specialists “.

“To normalize the hair present on this area of ​​the female body, notoriously linked to the theme of seduction and femininity, you need to start talking about it without embarrassment. Even simply between friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, why not ?, also using the path of irony, which has always been effective in demolishing taboos. Obviously these are hairs that, by definition, remain covered by bra and clothing, however they should not be made an off-limits topic, or there is a risk of getting the message across that they are wrong, especially to the younger ones, ”he comments Elena Benvenuti, psychologist and psychoanalyst.

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