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Ischemic stroke, because it is important to intervene within the first 6 hours

The last case is that of the actor and radio and television host Mauro Coruzzi, in art Platinettes, who suffered an ischemic stroke a few days ago and is currently hospitalized in stable conditions, after being immediately treated. His agent made it known through a note, in which he explains that «on Tuesday 14 March he had an ischemic stroke. Fortunately he was rescued in a timely manner and this allowed him to be able to act immediately from a therapeutic point of view. Conditions are stable and a series of investigations are underway.

There are several celebrities affected by cerebral aneurysms and strokes, among them also Sharon Stone, Tom Sizemore and Emilia Clarkewhich has created a special charitable foundation, SameYoufor brain injury recovery.

Generally speaking, stroke particularly affects patients the most elderly people and those suffering from diseases at risk, such as diabetes and L’hypertensionor experience high levels of cholesterol And glycemia.

Ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke: causes and differences

About 80% of the stroke they develop due to ischemia caused by “a blood clot that usually arises from atherosclerosisi.e. an accumulation of fats, fibrotic material and cells on the internal walls of the arteries, which are thickened with the consequent decrease in blood flow”, explains a study published on the Humanitas.it website. “In arteries prone to atherosclerosis, a thrombus which blocks the blood circulation in a certain area of ​​the brain and, therefore, the nutrient supply to the neurons”.

At the origin of ischemia, however, there can also be a embolusor “a blood clot that enters the bloodstream from the heart or from other areas of the body until, having arrived in a cerebral artery with a diameter smaller than its size, it causes it to occlude, causing an interruption in the blood supply to neurons”.

L’ischemic stroke is distinguished fromhemorrhagic strokewhich is the most serious version and affects 15% of people and “develops following the rupture of a blood vessel whose walls may be weakened and causes blood to leak into the surrounding tissue, thus causing compression of brain tissue. Cerebral vessels can rupture due to a aneurysmtherefore a dilatation of the walls of the vessel caused by alterations or traumas, or by arteriovenous malformationsi.e. congenital anomalies of the arteries”.

The importance of the first 6 hours

Timely action when a stroke occurs is crucial. Typically, symptoms vary depending on the location and extent of the affected area of ​​the brain, but those that clearly indicate the possibility of a stroke are weakness on one side of the body, crooked mouth, difficulty speaking or understand (aphasia), poor ability to move an arm, leg, or both, split view or reduced field of vision, severe headache and sudden, confusional state, inability to coordinate movements or to keep balance.

If you recognize symptoms of a stroke in yourself or someone close to you, the first thing you should do is call the emergency call 112explaining well the need for reception as soon as possible in an emergency room organized for treatment, i.e. equipped with Neurovascular Units (Stroke Centers – Stroke Unit).

Indeed, when a stroke occurs, it is necessary intervene within the first 6 hours to be sure that the treatments are effective and not, on the contrary, counterproductive. In fact, the sooner action is taken to interrupt the progress of the stroke, the fewer areas of the patient’s brain will be compromised to the point of developing consequent disabilities, very often disabling.

Every minute is precious crucial, because in every second after the stroke occurred 32,000 neurons are burned And 1.9 million in every minute. If prompt action is taken, the results obtained with the available therapies – i.e. thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy – can definitely improve the situation.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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