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Island of the Famous 2024: Joe Bastianich retires. And reality TV no longer has any famous people

We know well that programs likeIsland of the Famous they work above all for the cast that composes them, and this is why we can say with a certain tenderness that the good old days will no longer return and that it would be appropriate to eliminate the “famous” label from the title because it is now under the eyes of all that theIsland which was supposed to be VIP has become like Survivors, with perfect strangers ready to do anything to survive hunger and mosquitos. In the 2024 edition, the only name recognizable to the public without the need for Google was him: Joe Bastianichentrepreneur and television personality tout court who has managed to carve out the role of competitor over time, first participating in **Celebrity Friends **(the VIP version of Friends of 2020) where he managed to share his passion for music and singing, and then to Beijing Expresswho won in 2023 together with his colleague and friend Andrea Belfiore. It goes without saying that the curiosity to see it to the Island of the Famous it was a lot, especially because good Joe a Beijing Express he carried almost all the dynamics on his shoulders because of the his competitive spirit and the desire to excel.

Unfortunately for the production (and for us too), it was immediately clear that Joe Bastianich did not find a connection with theIsland of the Famous nor even with the mechanisms put in place to try to attract the public's attention. Leaving aside the fact that more than half of the castaways were unknown not only to Joe but also to the spectators, we must say that Bastianich immediately showed himself to be disinterested (who could blame him?) both in the sterile controversies raised in the episode and in the group with which he was forced to socialize in order to continue to resist. AtIsland of the Famous We haven't seen much of Joeeven though the authors have repeatedly tried to bring him into play because they hoped that his fighting spirit and his ability to always say what he thinks would stir things up of an edition that tends to be boring and laid-back. Regardless of his personal journey, it was still a shame to witness his withdraw in the episode aired on May 13th on Canale 5, due to an unspecified event health reason which would have led to his abandonment as well as many other competitors this year (and thank goodness that Vladimir Luxuria she had made great recommendations about not wanting to see them withdrawn).

Island of the Famous 2024 Joe Bastianich retires.  And reality TV no longer has any famous people

«The doctor told me that I can't continue epIt's hard for me to accept because I'm someone who does things to the end in life.” Bastianich said as the correspondent Eleonoire Casalegno insisted on the importance of a particular message to send home: «We often show ourselves as superheroes, but we have our weaknesses. And there's nothing wrong with showing them.” Regardless of how it ended, it's a shame that Bastianich didn't fully commit himself even if, in his defense, it must be said that the framework within which he moved offered neither stimulation nor involvement. Someone thinks that the ship Island of the Famous is now sinking and that many competitors, including Joe, have sensed the danger and chosen to save themselves just in time: it could well be but, when in doubt, we ask ourselves whether it is not appropriate to invest more capital in order to put together an up-to-date cast and to do everything to guarantee an edition with panache and dynamics. Precisely the ones that were missing from this round.

Source: Vanity Fair

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