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Pimps in Belgium will be able to report prostitutes who frequently refuse sex with certain clients

Belgium has passed a controversial, divisive law that gives pimps the right to report sex workers who refuse to have sex with a client. The law was passed with 93 votes in favor and 33 abstentions by the Belgian parliament, in an attempt by the state to legally enshrine the rights of sex workers. A publication by The Publica stated that the legislation provides for prostitutes to be entitled to health insurance, a pension, maternity leave and unemployment benefits. At the same time, pimps are required to provide a “safety button” for women to use in an emergency. Also, a sex worker will be able to refuse for any reason to have sex with a client, but this right can only be used 10 times in a six-month period. In the opposite case, the pimp acquires the right to denounce it and then the state must send a special mediator, who will decide if there will be a penalty and what it will be. The representative […]
Source: News Beast

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