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Israel and Egypt exchange accusations of blame for closing the Rafah crossing

Israel stated this Tuesday (14) that it depends on the Egypt reopening the Rafah crossing and allowing humanitarian relief into the Gaza Strip, prompting the Egyptian government to denounce what it described as an attempt to shift blame for blocking aid deliveries.

The Rafah crossing is on the border between the Egypt and southern Gaza and has been a vital route for aid to enter the coastal territory.

“The key to preventing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza now lies in the hands of our Egyptian friends,” said the Foreign Minister Israelense, Israel Katz, in comments distributed to reporters.

Katz said he spoke to his UK and German correspondents about the “need to persuade the Egypt to reopen the Rafah crossing”, adding that he would also speak to the Italian Foreign Minister this Tuesday.

The Palestinian group Hamas, which has ruled Gaza, will not “control the Rafah crossing,” Katz said, citing security concerns about which Israel “will not make concessions”.

The comments drew a swift response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Egyptwhich stated in a statement that Israel was responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and that military operations Israel around Rafah were the main reason why humanitarian aid was prevented from entering the enclave.

O Egypt has consistently maintained that the passage remained open on its side throughout the conflict between Israel and Hamas which began on October 7th.

Source: CNN Brasil

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