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Israel claims to have found “largest weapons cache” next to schools in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military announced today that it discovered near “residential buildings,” “one of the largest weapons depots at Gaza Strip“, in which there were mainly missiles, rocket launchers and drones.

“One of the largest caches of weapons in the Gaza Strip has been discovered near a clinic and a school in the north” of Palestinian territory, by a military unit, the Israeli army said in a statement.

The warehouse contained “hundreds of RPG anti-tank rocket launchers and their ammunition, dozens of anti-tank missiles, dozens of explosive devices, long-range rockets intended to reach central Israel, dozens of grenades and drones,” according to the Israeli military.

The soldiers confiscated the weapons. Some were destroyed on the spot, others were sent for investigation“, the army stressed, noting that the warehouse was located “in the heart of the civilian population”.

“This is further proof of Hamas’ cynical use of the people of the Gaza Strip as human shields,” the army claimed.

Source: News Beast

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