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Israel escalates attacks on Gaza after European countries recognize a Palestinian state

Military operations escalated in the early hours of today after three European countries recognized a Palestinian state, amid Israel's war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. An AFP team spoke of heavy shelling in the Rafah sector (south), while eyewitnesses spoke of strikes in the city of Gaza (north), in ruins after more than seven months of continuous war. Tanks reached the outskirts of the densely populated district of Rafah, while the night was marked by the heaviest shelling since ground operations began in the city earlier this month. The tanks are now very close to Jibna, in central Rafah, residents told Reuters news agency. The military arm of Hamas, for its part, said it hit two armored personnel carriers with anti-tank rockets. According to residents, the Israeli army is shelling Gibna and has also opened fire on fishing boats off the coast, causing some to catch fire. His fire […]
Source: News Beast

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