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Why Rishi Sunak is now heading for a snap election and what happens next in Britain

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sprung a surprise, calling a general election in the United Kingdom for July 4. But why is he going to elections now? Britain's Guardian reports that the Prime Minister has been saying for several weeks that there are signs that the economy is improving. In his speech outside No 10, Sunak said the government had “achieved two important milestones”, reducing inflation and growing the economy faster than other G7 countries. But the opposition is likely to claim it is calling an election now because the economy is stagnant and things are unlikely to get any better for the Conservatives in the autumn – with small boat arrivals of migrants expected to continue despite any deportation flights take off for Rwanda, and with very limited scope for tax cuts. “Rishi Sunak is gambling on his career in a bold move that comes as he is 20 points behind in the polls and […]
Source: News Beast

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