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Israel launches attacks on Gaza as US envoy meets Netanyahu

Planes and tanks Israelnationals attacked several locations in the Gaza Strip, according to residents, while the White House national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, met this Sunday (19) with the prime minister Israelense, Benjamin Netanyahu, amid US calls for a more focused military campaign.

The expectation is that the counselor will press Israel to target Hamas militants in a targeted manner rather than with large-scale offensives on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, the White House said ahead of the discussions.

Israel has invaded the city that is the last bastion of Hamas forces. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the region, which was one of the few remaining places of refuge.

“In the entire Gaza Strip there is not a single safe place,” said Majid Omran, who told Reuters that his family fled Rafah and had just returned to what was left of their home in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. where they fled almost five months ago.

“We took our sons, grandchildren and daughters and came to live above the rubble of our house. Because there is no place for us to take refuge here,” Omran told Reuters inside the destroyed property.

The forces Israelresidents also advanced deeper into the narrow alleys of Jabalia, in northern Gaza, during the night of Saturday (18) and this Sunday (19), returning to an area they said they destroyed at the beginning of the conflict, residents said.

The military Israelresidents have stated that their operations in Jabalia — the largest of the eight historic refugee camps — are precise and aimed at preventing Hamas from re-establishing its rule there.

The military Israelenses said they were “operating to identify armed terrorist cells and conducting dozens of attacks to assist forces operating on the ground” in Jabalia.

Before the talks this Sunday (19), an authority Israelense said Netanyahu and his top aides would try to reach an agreement with the American national security adviser on the need to proceed with the attack on Rafah.

The US doubts that existed about the viability of humanitarian Israel may have been dissipated by the evacuation of about half of the city's Palestinians over 12 days, the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

“We have shown that this is not only necessary, but feasible,” he added.

The authority said that Israel also expressed concerns about dozens of tunnels that its armed forces had found in Rafah, heading towards neighboring Egypt.

“These tunnels are used by Hamas to supply weapons and ammunition, and could potentially be used to smuggle hostages or key Hamas operatives out of Gaza,” said Deputy State Attorney Israelense, Noam Gilad, during a hearing in The Hague on Friday 1(7), in a breakdown of allegations that Egypt's state intelligence service previously classified as false.

(Reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi; additional reporting by Dan Williams in Jerusalem and Mohammed Salem in Gaza)

Source: CNN Brasil

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