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Minas Gerais Police sends 32 agents for security actions in RS

The team of 32 civil police officers is made up of delegates, investigators and clerks who leave the capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte towards the south of the country, this Sunday (19).

They are employees of the State Department for the Investigation of Crimes Against Property (Depatri), the State Department for Combating Drug Trafficking (Denarc), the State Department for Homicide Investigation and Personal Protection (DHPP), the State Department for Special Operations (Deoesp) and the Coordination of Strategic Operations (COE).

They were selected from among those who volunteered, due to their operational experience and good physical and psychological preparation.

The proposal is for the Minas Gerais team to collaborate with security operations and assistance to the population in the areas most affected by the floods.

The police officers, led by the deputy coordinator of the COE, delegate João Francisco Barbosa Neto, will leave in a convoy, in nine vehicles, to Porto Alegre, and may later travel to cities that have a greater need for police support.

For the superintendent of Investigation and Judicial Police, General Delegate Júlio Wilke, the mission is to guarantee security and, especially, promote humanitarian care, due to the large number of people in shelters and possible crimes that may occur in these places. “It is an act, not only of extremely high police complexity, but also humanitarian.”

According to the mission coordinator, delegate João Francisco Neto, the team is expected to remain in the state of Rio Grande do Sul for 15 days. “The police exist to help people. There we will do what we already do in our daily lives, however, under adverse conditions. We will need to be a strong, united body, with a strong team spirit to successfully fulfill this mission”, he emphasizes.

The team will meet at 5am on Sunday (19), at the Civil Police Academy's Multisport Gymnasium (Acadepol-MG), and will leave at 5:30am, heading to the city of Porto Alegre.

Source: CNN Brasil

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