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Israel will allow a “minimum” amount of fuel to pass through the Gaza Strip

The Israel gave the “green light” for a “minimum” amount of fuel to enter the Gaza Strip which it deems to be “necessary to prevent the collapse” of humanitarian services and the “outbreak of epidemics” in the Palestinian enclave where it is conducting military operations against Hamas, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday evening.

“The minimum quantity shall be determined periodically by the war (ministerial) council,” depending on “the humanitarian situation”, the services of Benjamin Netanyahu clarified through X (the former Twitter) as reported by the Athens News Agency citing AFP.

The announcement comes against a backdrop of mounting international pressure as fighting escalates in the southern Gaza Strip and as the UN warns against a “complete collapse of public order in the near future due to desperate conditions”.

Yesterday Wednesday (6/12) the Secretary General of the UN stressed that he fears that it is now becoming “impossible” to distribute “even limited humanitarian aid”, underlining the “continuous bombardments” of the Israeli army and the “absence of shelter” and the ” more basic” goods for the “survival” of Gazans.

THE Antonio Guterres used – for the first time after assuming the leadership of the international organization in 2017 – Article 99 of the UN Charter, which “draws the attention” of the Security Council to an issue that “could endanger international peace and security ».

Reacting, Israel’s foreign minister called the “tenure” of the Secretary-General of the United Nations a “danger to world peace”. “His request to activate Article 99 (s. of the UN Charter) and his call for a ceasefire in Gaza are support for the terrorist organization Hamas and support for the killing of the elderly, the kidnapping of babies and the rape of women,” Eli Cohen reported via X (formerly Twitter).

Leaders of G7 nations, including key allies for Israel, called yesterday for “more urgent” action to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s announcement came two days after Israel’s main ally, the United States, urged that more fuel be allowed into the Palestinian enclave, with American diplomacy speaking of “very frank” talks.

According to the Hamas Health Ministry, 16,248 people, more than 70% of whom were women, children and teenagers, were killed in the two months of the war in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli bombardment.

The hostilities began on October 7 with an unprecedented raid launched by Hamas militants based in the Gaza Strip into southern areas of the Israeli territory, which resulted in the deaths of some 1,200 people, also mostly civilians, according to with the official account of the authorities.

Source: News Beast

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