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Israel will not send delegation to Cairo for talks, official says

Israel will not send a delegation to Cairo for negotiations on a ceasefire agreement and release of Gaza hostages, an Israeli official told Reuters. CNN on Sunday (3).

The official said the reason was that Hamas did not respond to two Israeli demands: a list of hostages, specifying which are alive and which are dead; and confirmation of the proportion of Palestinian prisoners who will be released from Israeli prisons in exchange for hostages.

The person responsible asked not to be identified.

The decision not to send an Israeli delegation was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in coordination with Mossad Director David Barnea – who has been a key Israeli negotiator – after Barnea received a message that Hamas had not responded to requests. conditions, said the Israeli official.

A senior Hamas official did not immediately respond to a question from CNN about whether the militant group had responded to Israel's conditions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined the terms in a speech on Thursday, saying: “I demand to know in advance the names of all hostages who will be included in the draft. I have not yet received an answer on both questions and it is too early to say, despite our wishes, whether we will get an outline for a further release in the coming days.”

The Israeli decision that no delegations will go to Cairo comes just a day after a senior official in US President Joe Biden's administration told journalists that Israel had “basically accepted” a proposed six-week ceasefire.

A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo on Sunday, a senior Hamas source told CNN .

Source: CNN Brasil

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