It didn’t touch you! Chupete, the puppy that went viral because no one wanted to adopt him, died

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A little over a week ago we revealed the story of Chupete, a puppy who gained fame on social networks after a girl shared photos of the loin for adoption, in which the peculiarity in her head due to the hydrocephalus she suffered from was the white of a rain of memes.

Unfortunately, this August 5, the news was shared on Facebook that the cuddly furry boy who was in an animal shelter in Cochabamba, Bolivia, died.

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Viral puppy pacifier because nobody wanted to adopt

Without giving information on the cause of death, Claudia Patricia, who was in charge of the puppy’s care, lamented the death of the beloved loin through an emotional video on her Twitter account. Facebookaccompanied by a tender message dedicated to Chupete’s mother.

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In the recording shared by the woman, the puppy can be seen playing with another in a garden, to later show the moment in which a man carrying Chupete’s body takes him so that his mother can say goodbye to him.

screenshot of the news that the pacifier puppy died

The time has come, he is saying goodbye to his mom.
DON’T CRY MOM: Mom, don’t be sad, I’m writing you this letter so you know I’m going to be fine. Before I left, I forgot to tell you how much I love you, that’s why I asked to see you one more time, but you know I’ve always been distracted. Mom, don’t cry because when you do, I feel powerless not being able to hug you, not being able to comfort you. My whole head hurts. I feel that the time has come. Mom, I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. Goodbye, mom, let me go. You will see that everything will be fine. Do not remember me underground, but on high because God has called me.

The adorable moment in which you can see how the mother and what appears to be one of Chupete’s little brothers say goodbye was not long in becoming popular on the social network, as thousands of users were moved by the death of the adorable little loin.

illustrative image of the pacifier puppy with wings in the sky

With almost a thousand times shared, the video was filled with comments from users saddened by the news, who did not hesitate to congratulate the girl for the great love, affection and care for the puppy, who was surely happy while he was alive. Rest in peace, Pacifier!

Source: Okchicas

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