Antiradar eStrelka 22.07.0

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Summer is coming, which means that the question of how to spend a vacation is becoming more and more relevant. The problems of tour operators, sanctions and just a rise in the price of the currency make us pay attention to holidays within the country. Of course, the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, Baikal, Karelia, the Azov and Black Seas, there is where to go.

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Any trip is, first of all, taking care of your own safety, and here every car enthusiast will need an application – Strelka anti-radar, widespread in Android and IOS circles, which has now appeared for Windows Phone.

On our roads, it is easy to miss signs of speed limits or the beginning of a settlement: for example, behind a truck or when overtaking. And the price for this is a photo from a video recording camera and a “letter of happiness” with a fine, and the minimum fine for exceeding is now 500 rubles.

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It’s hard not to mention the danger of Avtodoria cameras – they measure the average speed on the site, and we all sometimes get carried away and can exceed it. The Strelka-ST and Krechet complexes are far from being detected by all radar detectors, and these systems catch from distances up to 1500 meters and “lead” the intruder, and then take pictures, even if you have already slowed down near the camera. In addition, the Strelka camera can simultaneously control the speed and the stop line and the roadside (fines have already been coming in Moscow since the beginning of April) and the city transport lane. In an unfamiliar place, it is easy to miss a speed bump or “jump” into a dangerous turn. Strelka will warn you about all these dangers, which will allow you to avoid fines and help you comply with traffic rules.

The program notifies you when you approach the camera from one to three times, for 2000 m, 1000 m and 300 m – all distances are configurable. In addition to the information on the phone screen, you can configure the playback of a sound signal, voice phrase, beeper and vibro. For each of the distances, all these options are configured, in addition, the mode can be configured only when a certain speed is exceeded. As you can see, the program has a huge number of settings.

The program also runs in the background when another application is on the screen, or when the screen is off and the smartphone is in your pocket. For example, you can set only the voice and vibration when exceeded. Comfortable and unobtrusive.

The database with stationary cameras and dangers is replenished every day by the efforts of the participants of the sites and These are proven and interesting services that today have the most complete database of cameras in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Hundreds of people check information from hundreds of thousands of users and enter it into the database.

The main features of the program:

* Works in the background – you can drive using your favorite navigation program. At the right moment, you will receive a radar warning.

* One or three warnings for each type of radar. The first is 1000-2000m, the second is 300-1000m and the third is 50-300m. This helps to protect against Shooters and Gyrfalcons, who catch violators at a great distance, “lead”, and take pictures already in the immediate vicinity of the camera.

* Support for sectional cameras Avtodoria and Vocord, which measure the average speed on the site.

* For each warning, you can set the distance for which you want to warn, set up an audio notification:

– warning melody

– voice prompt (professional studio voice) with the setting of each word in the phrase,

– beeper (beeping tone sound) with the ability to set the frequency and duration of the signal and pause, as well as turn on vibration and notifications

– a small window in the background, displaying information on tiles and lockscreen.

* Supports many types of objects.

Detailed documentation on the site

The cost of the program is only 169 rubles (one third of the minimum fine).

There are also versions of the Strelka anti-radar for Android and iStrelka for iPhone or iPad

Source: Trash Box

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