“It is unlikely that the micron will escape the protection of vaccines”, says immunologist

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The immunologist, Rômulo Neris, in an interview with CNN this Saturday (4), he stated that, despite Brazil having about 70% of the population fully immunized, it is very unlikely that the new variant of the coronavirus is the last barrier against Covid-19. Anyway, he emphasizes that it is also very unlikely that Ômicron escapes 100% of the protection of vaccines already produced.

Vaccines continue to maintain an adequate degree of protection, especially in this scenario, says Neris. “However, what we should focus on is the 30% of the population [brasileira], not vaccinated, as this group can create blisters and develop new variants”, he says. Ômicron emerged

Variants of a virus are identified in two ways: mutations that modify the appearance of the virus and affect the human body in some negative way, and mutations that do not affect the population. “The variants of concern [do coronavírus] they have proteins that are able to bind with our lungs and affect our organism”, explains Neris.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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