It took several years for 4 hours of gameplay: fans released a plot add-on for Half-Life Alyx

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Very often, cult projects continue to develop quite actively even after the development team has moved on to new projects. All thanks to enthusiast gamers who are willing to spend years developing a new mod or implementing multiplayer. This is exactly what happened with the video game Half-Life Alyx, which was created by Valve’s internal studio specifically for a virtual reality helmet – while the developers are probably working on something else, a team of three people independently created a full-fledged story addition in three years.

The modification was called Half-Life Alyx: Levitation and extends the storyline by about 3-4 hours – that’s how much you need for a leisurely passage of the story from third-party developers. This is an impressive layer of narrative, since the original story, if desired, can be completed in 4-6 hours. In addition, although the development of the project obviously took a lot of time and effort, the fan team will not make money on it – the modification will be available on the Steam Workshop site in a free version for everyone who has previously bought Half-life Alyx. Accordingly, fans of the game in virtual reality just like that will be allowed to almost double the pleasure.

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In the center of the plot add-on is the same main character Alex Vance, who will explore a certain secret area with an unusual building floating in the air in Sector X. The developers promised meetings with already familiar characters, and the well-known designer Fmpone was responsible for developing the levels – it was he who created the Cache, Santorini and SubZero maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Also on the story mod development team is the well-known cinematic creator CoreyLaddo and VoxPlay, who is responsible for the voice acting of G-man.

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