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“It won’t close while I’m there”, says new president of the Central Bank of Argentina

“As long as I am there, the Central Bank will not close”, declared on Friday (8) Santiago Bausili, who will assume the presidency of Argentina’s monetary authority this Sunday (10).

The economist on the team of Luís Caputo, future Minister of Economy, avoided saying that he will end the issuance of currency during his tenure as head of the body in charge of monetary policy in Argentina, according to information from the Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

Bausili guaranteed that he will work on “reconstructing the independence of the Central Bank” and explained what he understands by independence from the monetary authority.

“The independence of the Central Bank occurs when the bank does not finance the National Treasury. Today we have a situation in which the Central Bank has already financed the Treasury,” he said, reaffirming that under his management the monetary authority will not work in this way.

Asked whether there will be important economic announcements on Monday (11), the first working day of the new government, Bausili said he did not know, as “authorities take time to enter, leave and take up duties”.

Bausili will replace Miguel Ángel Pesce, who headed the Central Bank of Argentina during the four years of Alberto Fernández’s government.

A graduate of the University of San Andrés, Bausili was a little more categorical in relation to the current price of the official dollar: “350 pesos is not an equilibrium price”, he told the IP Noticias channel.

However, he avoided spiking what, in his opinion, would be an ideal value.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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