It would be impossible to register in Telegram: why version 8.1 was released as early as possible

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On September 19, Telegram released updates for its mobile clients under number 8.1, which introduced relatively few innovations: separate themes for dialogues, recording live broadcasts, interactive emoticons and other small innovations. But the key change turned out to be “under the hood” – Telegram switched its data storage systems to int64. This was reported by the profile portal Telegram Info.

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Since the launch of the applications (since 2013), the messenger used the int32 value storage system – due to the relatively small range of values ​​of this data type, Telegram began to run out of free identifiers of users, bots, groups and channels. Upon reaching the limit, new users would not be able to register in the messenger, and old ones would lose the ability to create new bots, groups and channels.

Since the service switched to int64 in the update with index 8.1, the developers tried to release this update as soon as possible – to avoid possible risks.

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