Italy: Mandatory green pass for work has increased vaccination appointments

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They are rushing to make an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination Italians following the announcement by the Italian Government that from 15 October it makes mandatory green pass for all public and private sector employees.

At the national level, there was a general increase in appointments for the first installment, between 20% and 40% compared to last week, said Coronavirus commissioner Francesco Filiolo, according to Agence France-Presse.

Appointments for the first dose of the vaccine on Saturday increased by 35% at the same time a week earlier, he added, without giving a number.

Nearly 41 million people in Italy have been fully vaccinated so far, according to government figures. This is almost 76% of the population over 12 years old.

However, the Italian authorities are still worried about this before the winter and the flu season, and they have taken action.

Italy was the first European country to face the pandemic in February 2020 and has the worst recorded death toll in the European Union, with more than 130,000.

Its economy sank into a deep recession triggered by lockdowns last year, but with the number of cases largely under control since the spring, growth is expected to accelerate this year.

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