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Italy: Six cases of smallpox in monkeys

There are now six cases of smallpox in monkeys in Italy. Three patients are being treated by the doctors of the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Rome, Lazzaro Spalanzani. Another is in the Tuscan city of Arezzo, the fifth patient is receiving home treatment in the Italian capital, while the sixth case was found tonight in Milan.

The patient, who is being treated at home in Rome, had just returned from Germany. Two others had recently visited the Canary Islands and one had traveled to Vienna.

According to the information so far, all six patients have not shown worrying symptoms. In all, fifteen people have been isolated, some for precautionary reasons.

Scientists at the Lazaro Spalanzani Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Rome say evidence so far shows that “in Italy, too, cases are dependent on a ‘pan-European virus'” and that they are linked to outbreaks in other countries, particularly in the Canary Islands. islands “.

Source: Capital

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