Italy: Tens of thousands demonstrate in favor of the dissolution of fascist organizations

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Two hundred thousand citizens took part today in Rome in the mobilization of the three largest Italian unions, Cgil, Cisl and Uil, according to the organizers.

The main demand, heard from the podium of San Giovanni Square, was the immediate dissolution of all parties and organizations directly or indirectly associated with fascism.

Today’s rally was attended by center-left Democratic Party secretary Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte, former prime minister and leader of the Five Star Movement, and Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

“We say no to fascism, yes to work, security and rights,” said the leaders of the Italian unions.

“We are talking about a mobilization that is not only non-partisan, but which defends the rights of all the people of the country,” added Maurizio Ladini, secretary of the country’s largest union, Cgil.

It is the trade union organization whose offices, a week ago, entered and caused significant damage, neo-fascist elements and anti-vaccines.

Today, thanks to increased security measures, no provocations against the protesters were recorded by far-right organizations.

Finally, the statement of the Secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, caused a sensation, who, when asked to comment on the result of the mobilization of Rome, stated that “fortunately, there are no more fascists” and that “for Europe, the only real danger is the Islamic terrorism ”.

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