Italy: This is the flying taxi that will operate at Rome Airport from 2024

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One after the other, the big European cities announce that they will add flying taxis at their airports in order to optimize the movement of passengers, but also to reduce the problem of traffic. THE Rome announced that from 2024 thanks to the new technological development.

In a city with χά traffic chaos travelers will be able to choose its flying taxi Volocopter, which at first glance is a huge drone that also has a cabin. The German start up has been designing the model for years Volocity.

As published by the agency Reuters, his administration Fiumicino Airport – Leonardo da Vinci, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the company, in order to start the pilot operation of the original flying taxis.

It is electric and is powered by a lithium battery, while it also has 18 propellers. Its maximum speed is 110 kilometers per hour, it lands and takes off vertically, while its manufacturers state that it can cover a distance of 45 minutes in 15 minutes, such as the one from its airport. Rome to the city center. There will be space for two people in the cabin. The pilot and the passenger.

In the coming months, separate take-off and landing zones for flying taxis will be created, while initially each route will cost customers about 140 to 150 euros, although officials estimate that in the future the cost will be further reduced.

In order for its citizens to know Rome what will… soon fly over their heads, the Volocopter was already exposed at its airport Rome, while from 2 to 5 November will be presented to the public at Piazza San Silvestro of the Italian capital.

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